About us

Dear visitors welcome at our first blog,

Here we will provide you with more information regarding our company, products and other useful information.
We at DutchcomLiving are very passionate about providing you with the best possible products for in your home, each product hand picked by our crew.
Whether that may be a kitchen scale designed to make cooking just a bit more easier.
Or just a beatiful form of decoration in the shape of a deer or moon for example.
We try to provide you with a wide variety of products that will brighten up your home.
And each product in our catalogue is in cooperation with our trusted suppliers from all over the world.

 So we hope you enjoy browsing through our catalogue and you find something that fits your needs.  Also keep an eye out for our new blogs or feel free to subscribe below.

Our second blog is now online: https://dutchcomliving.com/blogs/blogs/products

For any further questions feel free to contact us at: Dutchcomliving@hotmail.com

Team DutchcomLiving