Dear visitors welcome at our second blog,

Today we will inform you a bit more regarding our product variety.
We at DutchcomLiving are mainly focusing on unique and inspirational designs, designs you would not find anywhere else and products that will make your daily life a bit easier.
But maybe even more important, designs that will make you feel home at home.
Our home is where our story begins we would say..
Home is not a place…it’s a feeling

That is why we carefully choose products that will brighten up your place, your palace, your dream.
A beatiful painting or a beatiful Roman style clock on a otherwise empty wall.
A beatiful replica of the moon on a otherwise empty table/dresser.
Decorative lights when there is that need for romance..
That is our goal, to provide you with designs/products that will bring a smile to your face.

So that is it for our second blog, we hope you enjoy reading it and that you better understand our motives behind our business and product choices.
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